Current Membership form - Please complete the following form to become a member of the Hershey Figure Skating Club.

Membership Document

Please direct all questions to Jessica Yingst, Membership Chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thank you!   


All members, with the exception of Affiliate Members, designate the Hershey Figure Skating Club as their "Home Club" with the U.S. Figure Skating by completing this membership application.

The membership year runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

Payment must accompany each membership application.   All memberships are subject to approval by the HFSC Governing Board, however, skating privileges, if applicable, may start after the Club is in receipt of the completed application with proper payments.

Additional skating or non-skating members may also join for an additional fee.


1 year U.S. Figure Skating Membership.

1 year subscription to Skating magazine (one per household)

1 Free Test for Full Members of HFSC, ice and judges fees still appy.

Discounted test fees at HFSC-sponsored test sessions

Participation in Holiday (Additional costs apply) and Spring Teacher Appreciation Recitals Annual Judges Critique (Pre-Preliminary FS Level and Up)

Club parties and extra special events

Access to practice ice at HFSC open pratice sessions, and Hersheypark Arena and Giant Center practice ice sessions

HFSC email news & updates

Access to purchase official club apparel

Opportunities to purchase discount or special tickets to ice shows at Giant Center
Option to apply for support of costs for approved qualifying competitions
(please see club officer)

Opportunities to volunteer in club activities that support the sport of figure skating 

Affliate members please see specific listing of included privileges.

Membership Levels

Junior Skater with Parent/Guardian

For one skater under the age of 18 (a junior member), and one adult member who is the skating member's parent or guardian.
   - Two U.S. Figure Skating memberships
   - Two Hershey FSC memberships
   - Junior member may join Badge, Advance, Theatre or Competitors Club skating program (whichever  
     is applicable, additional fee applies).
    -Skaters age 14 and older may participate in adult club skating sessions for the purposes of practicing 
     ice dancing.*
    -The adult member has voting rights at club meetings.  This includes the annual Membershp Meeting 
     and any special club meeting called by the HFSC Board of Governors. (Board meetings not included).
   -The adult member receives all privileges listed under the adult Skater Membership.
     Please note: The privilege of attending club meetings is not open to persons under the age of 18.  This
     membership specifically provides for an adult member to represent the interests of the skating member
     at official club meetings.

Adult Skater -
For skaters 18 years of age or older.

  - One U.S. Figure Skating membership
  - One Hershey FSC membership
  - Adult club skating program privileges (additional fee applies)
  - Attendance and voting rights at club meetings, this includes the annual Membership Meeting and any
    special club meetings called by the HFSC Board of Governors.  (Board meetings not included).
  - Adult skaters who are training to compete or test at the intermediate level or higher may request 
    special privileges from the Board of Governors to participate in the Competitors Club skating program.
    (additional fee applies).

Skating Professional - For professional skating instructors 18 years of age or older.


    - One U.S. Figure Skating membership

    - One Hershey FSC membership

   - Adult Club skating program privileges if desired. (additional fee applies)

   - Attendance and voting rights at club meetings. this includes the annual Membership Meeting and any

    special club meetings called by  the HFSC Board of governors. (Board meetings not included.)



   -  Proof of full-time college or university attendance is required. Collegiate members are 
    entitled to all privileges listed under the adult Skater Membership.  - Please note: the membership fee covers 4 years of membership. Members who are still under the age of  18 are not eligible to attend club meetings.


 Additional Member | Skater/Non-Skater

  -Additional family members are welcome to join for an additional fee.  Additional Members 
    should indicate on the application if they will be a "skating" or "non skating" member and 
    must comply with  the applicable first membership qualifications and privilges.  

  - Please note: additional members will not receive a separate subscription to Skating 



  For skaters who participate in the sport on a regular basis, are currently a “Home Club” member at        
  another U.S. Figure Skating   club,  and would like to participate in certain HFSC skating programs and   
  utilize HFSC sponsored USFS test sessions without paying the non-HFSC member fee (currently $25.00   
  per test session). affiliate Members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible for support of any   
  expenses to qualifying and/or non-qualifying competitions by the club. USFS membership and Skating    
  magazine subscription are a benefit of the Home Club membership.

 ****** Affiliate membership includes all benefits of the other Hershey FSC membership types except for the


    - Voting privileges.

   - Attendance privileges at club meetings.

  - Competitor’s send-off party.

  - Free Test Sessions


Non Skater                                                                                                                                             

   For non-skaters who are interested in supporting the club and being involved in figure skating in non-
   skating ways such as volunteering at club sessions and events, or serving as a U.S. Figure Skating
   Judge or official (certification process required). there are no skating privileges with this membership. 
   the Hershey Figure Skating Club appreciates all its non-Skating Members for their support and   
  dedication to the sport of figure skating and the Hershey Figure Skating Club.