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Upcoming Testing Dates at HFSC

March 5 -- Hersheypark Arena

April 8--Hersheypark Arena

Letters of Permission

In order to participate in events (competitions, test sessions, shows) at clubs other than the skater's home club (HFSC), the skater must obtain a permission letter. To obtain your permission letter, please complete the following Permission Letter Request Form. Permission is granted for all skaters in good standing with the club.

NEW:  If an HFSC member is testing at Red Rose, White Rose, Central Penn, Body Zone, or Sikumi, they no longer need a Letter of Permission, However, the skater must still be "in good standing" with the club . 


Congratulations to our HFSC members who have recently passed tests: 


December at the Pond FSC:

  • Sarah Dower who passed Quickstep
  • Ashlyn LaGray who passed Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field and Preliminary Freeskate
  • Christine Tang who passed European Waltz

November at the Red Rose and Body Zone Skating Clubs:

  • Madison Dove who passed Fourteenstep, Foxtrot, European Waltz, completing her Pre-Silver Dance test
  • Kayley Kershner who passed Novice Moves in the Field
  • Julia Snader who passed Quickstep

September at the Hershey Figure Skating Club:

  • Adriana Filipets who passed Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Valerie Shen who passed Preliminary Freeskating
  • Christine Tang who passed Novice Moves in the Field, Pre-Juvenile Freeskating, Fourteenstep, and Foxtrot

August at Red Rose Figure Skating Club:

  • Emily Allen who passed Blues
  • Lena Bubnis who passed Preliminary Moves in the Field and Pre-Preliminary Freeskating
  • Madison Dove who passed Ten Fox, Willow Waltz, and Hickory Hoedown
  • Kelliegh Krobath who passed Novice Moves in the Field
  • Reagan Scott who passed Paso Doble and Blues
  • Emma Wang who passed Preiminary Freeskating

July at the Red Rose  Figure Skating Club:

  • Genya Schaller, who passed Fiesta Tango (the final Pre-Bronze test); Juvenile Moves In the Field; and Preliminary Free Skate.
  • Maria Prymak, who passed her Junior Free Skate, putting her one step away from being a quadruple Gold medalist.
  • Sarah Dower, who passed the Starlight Waltz, a Pre-Gold Dance test.
  • Andi Pagano, who passed her Junior Moves In the Field (is this another Gold medalist on the horizon?).

April at Red Rose Figure Skating Club--

• Maria Slava Prymak, who passed her Senior Solo Free Dance. This makes her a triple Gold Medalist!

• Megan Winch – Junior Moves and Pre-Juvenile Pairs

• Reagan Scott – American Waltz and Kilian

• Kayley Kershner – Novice Moves

• Susan Yeaple – Master Quarter Step

• Sarah Dower – Blues and Paso Doble

• Emily Allen – Kilian

• Kate Naughton – Intermediate Freestyle

• Valerie Shen – Intermediate Moves

• Lace Hilboky – Pre-Juvenile Moves and Preliminary Freestyle

• Madison Dove – Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm and Blues, Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango, Cha Cha

• Natalia Krawczak – Fiesta Tango

Test Chair (Wendy Naughton):

  1. Print and follow all directions on the application form.
  2. Applications must be postmarked at least 14 days prior to test session date in order to avoid the late fee of $20.  
  3. Test fees are non-refundable. 
  4. Skaters and coaches should be prepared to skate up to one hour before their scheduled time. If the session runs early and you are not present one hour before your scheduled time, you risk forfeiting your test.
  5. When submitting an application for a contingent test, your test fee is forfeited if you do not pass the required test.
  6. Test scheduling is based on ice time and judge availability.  Individual needs cannot always be accommodated.  Any special requests must be noted on the test application.  Once the schedule is posted there will be no rescheduling to accommodate individual needs.
  7. Non-Members of HFSC must pay an additional $25.00 non-member fee except as a member of a reciprocal club.  Reciprocal clubs include Red Rose FSC, White Rose FSC, Central PA FSC and Body Zone FSC.  A Letter of Permission from your home club must be emailed to the Test Chair prior to the test date if you are a not a member of a reciprocal club.

USFS Membership

  • All applicants must be a USFS member in good standing at the time of the test.
  • If you are a new USFS member and have not yet received your USFS card, indicate this on your test application.
  • Anyone taking a test without a current USFS membership becomes a defacto HFSC member, and all USFS and HFSC membership dues must be paid prior to testing.