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Learn to Skate --for skaters of all disciplines and ages

Lace Up Those Skates!!

Do you need to learn basic fundamentals to get started? Looking for exercise?  Are you ready to master more challenging skating skills, for either figure skating or ice hockey?  Our comprehensive approach on conquering individual elements gives you the skills, the knowledge, the urge to go far on the ice. And even further in life.

Our Learn-to-Skate program is a nationally-recognized curriculum developed by USFSA, USA Hockey, and USA Speedskating.  

Learn-to-Skate Program Class Schedule

Our Learn to Skate Classes are offered in 6-week sessions.

Cost per session: $79 for LTS USA members

TOTs program discount: 10% off discount for all TOTs program registrants (program runs fall/winter)

Sibling discount: 15% off discount for 2nd (and 3rd+) skaters registered. 


Join the Hershey Figure Skating Club for 2021-2022 and save 30% off all LTS USA sessions! ($55.30 per session).


See below for learn to skate classes, dates, & times.  All classes are held at the Hersheypark Arena.




Thursdays, 6:00-7:00pm

July 8, 15, 22, 29; August 5, 19



Aspire --the next step from Learn to Skate

Finished your first three Learn to Skate badges? Great! You can keep on going in Learn to Skate for as long as you want, with many more skills to learn.  But, if you see that figure skating is your passion (or want to see if it is), consider our Aspire class that immediately follows our Thursday evening Learn to Skate class.   


Aspire is a smaller class, focused solely on figure skating skills, designed to act as a bridge program between learn to skate and figure skating.  The classes are designed to introduce multiple elements across a variety of levels, aiming to equip the skater with the skills necessary to excel in private lessons.   Aspire members will be able to be part of a group performance in our holiday and spring shows. More information is available here:

*HFSC Classes will take a spring break (mid-April through June) and return in July!

Questions? Email

COVID 19 HEALTH and safety protocols

1.    Hersheypark Arena capacity for an on ice event is 35 people.  This includes participants, coaches, officials, support staff, workers, and spectators.  Spectators will be limited as needed.   You may be required to exit the building during classes.  If you are required to exit, you will be contacted by the Learn to Skate Coordinator and/or Program Coordinator as quickly as possible upon your skater's exit from the ice.

2.    Face coverings are required at all times. All face coverings should:

  • Fully cover the nose and mouth and allow the individual to remain hands-free
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Be made of breathable material, either disposable or reusable
  • Hockey face shields with the grill covered are permitted.

3.    Wash hands often or use hand sanitizer frequently and after any of the following: using the restroom, sneezing, touching their face, blowing their nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, eating, drinking, or smoking.

4.    Skaters should arrive dressed. 

5.  Temperatures will be taken upon entry by a HFSC club coordinator.

6.  Observe at least 6 feet between others when not engaging in sports activity on the ice.  Skaters should social distance while putting on skates. Please sit in the assigned spaces. 

7.    Do not share water bottles/cups and throw away your trash.  Bring your own FILLED water bottle(s). There are no communal water stations.

8.    No spitting.

9.    Please exit promptly , within 10 minutes, after each skating session using the rear or east end doors of the Arena level.

Membership Required

A Learn to Skate USA membership or a Hershey Figure Skating Club Membership is required to participate in any of our Learn to Skate sessions or camps. These memberships are valid for one year from July 1 - June 30.

Learn to Skate USA Membership: $16 annually

Benefits Include: Membership to Learn to Skate USA program, a welcome packet from United States Figure Skating, subscription to Learn to Skate USA magazine, and access to participate in LTS USA programs and competitions

LTS USA membership can be purchased during LTS Class registration.


Hershey Figure Skating Club Membership: $99** annually (includes membership for skater and one parent/guardian)

**NOTE:  If this is your first year joining as a full United States Figure Skating Association member, you can get our Introductory Rate.  During the registration process, be sure to put in the discount code: FIRSTYEAR in the shopping cart to get $30 off. 

Benefits Include: United States Figure Skating Membership, monthly subscription to SKATING magazine, ability to participate in Full Member Instruction programs including synchronized skating and Theater on Ice at a subsidized rate, ability to participate in special club events (free skates, recitals, clinics, camps), 30% off LTS sessions and 15% off LTS camps, 1 free USFS test, reimbursement for qualifying competitions

For more information on joining the Hershey Figure Skating Club, visit our membership page:

Adult Aspire

For beginners, adults returning to the sport, and everyone in between!

Offering Hockey skating lessons at all learn to skate sessions!

Check it out!

Therapeutic Skating

Learn to Skate Program

What is next after Learn to Skate?

Skaters ready to take the next step in skating should consider joining the Hershey Figure Skating Club and our Club Programs!

When you join the club and our programs, your skater will have access to:

  • Participate in on-ice group instruction  and clinics with highly-qualified figure skating coaches
  • Participate in off-ice instruction programs
  • Discounts at Learn to Skate Sessions (30% off each session and 15% off camp)
  • Opportunities to participate in free skating events with the club
  • Opportunities to participate in HFSC recitals/shows

To learn more about joining the Hershey Figure Skating Club, visit