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Step In To Spring Basics Skills Competition

Registration Deadline

Closing date for entries is Friday, March 26th, 2021 @ 11:59PM

Join us on April 10 for our Step In To Spring Basic Skills Competition.  It's a time to celebrate and show off your new (and growing) skills. 

Events are for Snowplow Sam through Preliminary. See the announcement below for all events. 

Registration link on Entryeeze at:

Keep Up to Date on COVID Protocols

See our COVID Health and Safety Plan at the link below. 

A Zoom meeting will be scheduled a few days prior to the competition to answer coach/parent/skater questions. Look for that email. The basics at present (and subject to change):

  • Masked are required at all times on Hersheypark property, including in the Arena. 
  • Skaters will be allowed to remove their mask as they are stepping on the ice for their  competition and will put it back on as they step back off the ice. 
  • Warm ups as well as practice ice require masks on the ice. 
  • Skaters will have a designated time for arrival and must depart immediately upon finishing their competition. 
  • SPECTATORS are limited. Only one per skater, and only entry at designated time. Each skater will be given 1 (one) color coded wrist band for each event they enter, this color-coded wrist band will be used by the adult spectator to gain entry to Hershey Park Arena at the appropriate time and will also be used to ensure that spectators exit the Arena once their skater’s event has concluded.
  • Coaches and spectators may not linger on the concourse level to watch. 
  • Spectators will not be permitted on the lower level of the arena and must remain in the designated spectator area. The only exception is for skaters ages 12 and under who require assistance tying their skates.
  • The LOC and Chief Referee reserve the right to limit entries and make logistical and policy modifications, both on and off ice, in response to recommended health protocols, ice availability and scheduling needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of spectators, the size of events, and spacing between events. Any cancelled events will be fully refundable except for a small processing fee.