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Upcoming Testing Dates at HFSC

Friday, September 27 - Starting at 9am

Registration is due by September 10th.

Questions? Please contact Vicki at


Contact our Test Chair Vicki Yingst at

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 season Gold Medalists! Megan Winch and Zachary Yaninek both passed their Senior Moves in the Field Test!

Testing at the Hershey Figure Skating Club

Complete the steps below to register for a test session:
  1. All registrations for test sessions will be accepted electronically via the registration link.
  2. Applications must be submitted by the deadline or a fee of $25 will be applied.  
  3. Test fees are non-refundable. All test session participants will be charged a one-time $25 to cover ice fees and judges hospitality.
  4. Skaters and coaches should be prepared to skate up to one hour before their scheduled time. If the session runs early and you are not present one hour before your scheduled time, you risk forfeiting your test.
  5. When submitting an application for a contingent test, your test fee is forfeited if you do not pass the required test.
  6. Test scheduling is based on ice time and judge availability.  Individual needs cannot always be accommodated.  Any special requests must be noted on the test application.  Once the schedule is posted there will be no rescheduling to accommodate individual needs.
  7. Non-Members of HFSC must pay an additional $25.00 non-member fee except as a member of a reciprocal club.  Reciprocal clubs include Red Rose FSC, White Rose FSC, Sikumi FSC, Central PA FSC, Body Zone FSC and Nittany Valley FSC.  A Letter of Permission from your home club must be emailed to the Test Chair prior to the test date if you are a not a member of a reciprocal club.

USFS Membership

  • All applicants must be a USFS member in good standing at the time of the test.
  • If you are a new USFS member and have not yet received your USFS card, indicate this on your test application.
  • Anyone taking a test without a current USFS membership becomes a defacto HFSC member, and all USFS and HFSC membership dues must be paid prior to testing.

Note: HFSC members receive a free test session each year. Skaters will be reimbursed automatically after participation in the test session.

Letters of Permission

In order to participate in events (competitions, test sessions, shows) at clubs other than the skater's home club (HFSC), the skater must obtain a permission letter. To obtain your permission letter, please complete the following Permission Letter Request Form. Permission is granted for all skaters in good standing with the club.

NEW:  If an HFSC member is testing at Red Rose, White Rose, Central Penn, Body Zone, Nittany Valley or Sikumi, they no longer need a Letter of Permission, However, the skater must still be "in good standing" with the club . 

Note: Letters of Permission are not automatically generated. Please allow time for our volunteers to generate a letter a permission.

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 season members who passed one or more USFS tests!